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Welcome to Lambshire Polypays

We have been raising Polypays on our farm in Wayne County Ohio for over 20 years. What first got us interested in Polypays is what we still like about the breed – they give you options.

Polypays can lamb in the fall and at 8 month intervals (selection helps), they wean lots of lambs that grow well, and you don’t have to pour the corn to the ewes to keep them in good condition. Our two pasture lambings (May and Sept) require less attention than our January barn lambing. With good forage ewes can raise twins and triplets on pasture without additional grain. Our goal is to let the sheep harvest as much of their feed as possible. With the exception of our January lambers, we keep our ewes outside all year.

• Registered Polypays since 1987.
• 100 + ewes on pasture based production system.
• Accelerated lambing (3X per year) with lamb crops in January, April/May and September.
Selecting for ewes that will lamb 3X in 2 years (every 8 months).
• National Sheep Improvement Association (NSIP)
• EPD's (expected progeny difference) available
• Selection for maternal traits to identify the best genetics for producing profitable mothers for commercial producers.
• Foot Rot Free and OPP negative
• Registered and commercial rams, ewes and lambs for sale.


For more information or for current pricing and availability, contact us at 330-749-9053



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